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Established in 1973 as AC Canoe Products (Chester Ltd), AC Rotational Moulders has grown to become a specialist in the manufacture of rotomoulded polyethylene products, predominantly for the marine leisure industry but also to a number of industrial & other markets, such as agricultural, recreational, offshore marine & street ware.

With over 35 years experience in the production of three layer sandwich foam technology, the business manufactures and supplies custom rotational moulded products to a wide range of industries worldwide from its UK base. It operates seven rotational moulding machines, specifically designed for the manufacture of large products and that are considered to be some of the largest in Europe.

AC Rotational Moulders prides itself on innovation within its product range, working closely with its customers in product development, who rely on their technical knowledge and expertise to bring their concepts to market.

By utilising the latest raw materials it is able to manufacture lighter weight products, whilst maintaining the quality, strength and durability required by customers.

This reinforces its position with its customers as a market leading business in rotational moulding.

AC Rotational Moulders - Different Products
AC Rotational Moulders - Factory Floor
AC Rotational Moulders - Factory Floor
AC Rotational Moulders - Factory Floor
AC Rotational Moulders - Factory Floor
AC Rotational Moulders - Factory Machinery

Custom Moulding & Expertise

  • Customer Concept / Idea

  • Design

  • Tooling

  • Pre-production / Trial

  • Approval / Production

  • Supply & Delivery


AC Rotational Moulders - Custom Moulding

Custom Moulding

Rotomolding has a number of benefits, including its customisable nature, durability, and ability to process extremely large products. This is AC Rotational Moulders’ specific area of expertise, as its machines are capable of handling oversize finished product up to 5.1 metres in length, 1.6 metres wide and weighing up to 200kg.

AC Rotational Moulders - Watercraft - Canoes & Kayaks

Watercraft – Canoes & Kayaks

Since 1973, when AC Canoe Products was formed by ex world champion slalom canoeist, Robin Witter, AC Rotational moulders has gained an unrivaled reputation for producing bespoke, innovative & versatile design led products, such as freestyle, ocean racing, slalom, wild water, flat water & sea canoes & kayaks, including for those with special needs, for leading companies & organisations in the world of watersport.

AC Rotational Moulders - Watercraft - Boats & Dinghies

Watercraft – Boats & Dinghies

By the mid eighties extensive research & development in the watersport sector led to demand from the marine leisure dinghy market, where AC Rotational Moulders supports international boat designers with a specialism in durable, safe, low maintenance, versatile starter/training dinghy hulls.

AC Rotational Moulders - Agriculture


Products for the agricultural market include Silo ancillary parts such as an innovative Cyclone dust collector, which ensures the surrounding area is free from airborne feed dust & whose rotationally moulded body is easy to clean and has no moving parts. Lid, body & base!


Benefits of rotational moulding

According to the British Plastics Federation, “rotomoulding is used to make a very diverse range of products. The process offers the product designer exceptional freedom as just about any shape can be produced.”

It has particular advantages in terms of relatively low levels of residual stresses and inexpensive moulds. Rotational moulding also has few competitors for the production of large (> 2 m3) hollow objects in one piece.

AC Rotational Moulders - Sailcube Cooling
AC Rotational Moulders - Katakanu Post Mould

Tooling & Manufacture

Of significant advantage to entrepreneurs with innovative new designs is the facility to negotiate a tool amortisation programme linked to sales to help mitigate initial start-up costs for new products.

Moulds are tooled out of either cast aluminium or fabricated out of sheet steel and we work closely with our in house tooling partner to advise on the best for the product, depending on its ergonomics and intricacies.

Where companies already have a mould for their product, these can easily & efficiently be integrated into the manufacturing process alongside other custom moulds in production.

Pre production models are also produced to trial the concept, where necessary or desired. Moulded – In graphic facility is also available.

7 off large (some of the largest Rock and Roll machines in Europe) machines, which were built in-house to our design and specification and are controlled by PLC (Programable Logic Control) Control Systems, also designed and built in-house by ourselves, are operated by a dedicated team of engineering and production staff in an environmentally friendly area where there is limited materials waste as all raw materials are fully recycled.

These innovations in products systems and technologies help contribute to a more sustainable world.

Quality Assurance

After Mould

We are currently in the process of gaining ISO 9001, however our current quality assurance plans ensure our systems, policies and procedures reflect the highest standards in the rotational moulding of polyethylene products.

These include:

  • Achieving and maintaining a standard of quality that enhances AC Rotational Moulders’ reputation with its customers, as well as within the wider rotational moulding industry
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant statutory, regulatory and safety requirements
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Maximising customer satisfaction with the products manufactured by AC Rotational Moulders and applying Quality Assurance processes to all activities of the company

In line with our customer centric approach throughout the journey from concept to supply, every model of product is inspected against a checklist of the customer’s bespoke requirements

After unloading, the part mouldline has an initial trim and check and an inspection of the inside is undertaken to ensure the part has moulded correctly and there are no visual deformities.

Each moulded part is individually and uniquely inspected and is signed off by the moulder and the Quality and Compliance Manager to confirm every product meets its customer quality requirements.

Fitting Out & Assembly

A custom post mould assembly and fitting out service is provided for requirements such as bulkhead fittings & product accessories.



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